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We Help With

Credit Card Debt

If you are deeply in debt and can't see how you can pay it off, we offer two proven methods to quickly eliminate all unsecured debt.


Are you behind in your monthly payments? Are you concerned about (or are already in) foreclosure? We offer proven solutions.

Asset Protection

Are your assets (house, car, portfolio) in your name? If so, you could lose some or all of your assets. Why not do what the wealthy do?

Why Join Us?

Would you prefer to handle scary challenges (lawsuits, debt collectors, foreclosure) without hiring an over-priced attorney that you can’t afford and don’t trust? What you really need is a quick education on the crooked money system and our totally corrupt courts. Once you know how things really work, all that’s required is a proven plan and the brass (or determination) to make it happen! To find out more about our education and our DFY plans watch our video.

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What clients say

"I was facing bankruptcy. It was going to be embarrassing, and humiliating. After working with you I eliminated over $50,000 of credit card debt and over $20K of secured debt. You helped me understand the TRUTH about our banking system and the fraud. Your support was incredible. Thank You, RJ.
-Bruce Williams, California
I was being sued by Bank of America. We filed a Notice of Rescission with the bank; we filed a motion to dismiss our case. We went before the judge, who said, "I've never ruled against Bank of America. But, Mr. Lambeth, this is the first time! The case is dismissed!" Thank you!
Jed Lambeth, North Carolina
The outlook was bleak, to say the least! As the situation now stands, through your program more than $56,000 in credit card debt is [settled], the government FMHA debt of nearly one half million has been dealt with... a local bank debt of more than $450,000 has been handled in lieu of foreclosure. Thank you so much!
Gena and Layton Sawyer, Texas
We cover 50 states
$ 1000000
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