The Truth About Money

It is already becoming clear to the world that the U.S. Dollar isn’t worth much: its value has been steadily eroding for many years, and rather precipitously over the last five years! To keep the economy going the Federal Reserve has been printing “dollars” like there’s no tomorrow. Trillions of these “dollars” have been exported abroad to countries like China, that have decided they have enough dollars, and don’t need any more!

That part is not much of a secret. It is also not a secret that the real estate market is in big trouble and that property values are falling. Nor is it a secret that mortgage companies, unable to cope with rising defaults, are declaring bankruptcy in record numbers.

The Truth About Money

The big secret that has been kept from you is something the insiders have known all along. It is what the CEOs of mortgage companies and banks have been hiding from you. What is this earth shattering secret? The so-called money everyone has been using isn’t money at all. In fact, the truth is, there is no money.

Real money–gold and silver–was grabbed from the American people and banned as “money” long ago. What replaced it was a clever fraud that is coming unraveled right now! That fraud is known by some as a Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device (F.R.A.U.D.). But, in actuality it’s a debt instrument.

That means that over the course of your entire life you have probably never actually paid for anything! Because when you hand over your “dollars” (Federal Reserve Notes) you are simply “discharging” the debt or “passing on the debt.”

So, what does this have to do with paying off credit cards or mortgages? Plenty! Because when you realize there is no money, then you can begin to understand it is all about accounting.

If asked, top agents for the United States will tell you that the currency is “backed by the full faith and credit” of the United States. The truth is, it is backed by the full faith and credit of the American people; the ones who do the work, and who by their labor create real wealth!

People have credit because they are the living engines that produce wealth. Governments, banks, and corporations have no credit beyond what people can do for them or give them! More to the point, people are real! Corporations, banks, and even governments, are fictions–mere documents such as charters, trusts and constitutions!

The Biggest Secret

Do you understand what that means? If it is your wealth and your labor that is backing up the United States and its currency, then the U.S. owes youThat makes the U.S. the debtor, and it makes you the creditor!

Stop for a moment and ask yourself: How many Americans understand that they are the creditors and the United States is the debtor? I’ll tell you: maybe one in a thousand. How many of them know how to make a proper claim that the United States will accept? (Very few.) But, that’s not the half of it!

You see, the last time the United States was in really deep doo doo, was just before the “great depression.” In the late 1920s and early 1930s the United States went into bankruptcy! The “bankers”–the people behind the Federal Reserve–had spent years planning for it, so they could set the U.S. up for a financial coup d’etat and take over. They wanted to saddle Americans not only with the debt they had suckered the U.S. into to cause the bankruptcy (and the turn-over of all the bullion in Fort Knox), but, to saddle them with an ongoing debt they could never pay off. Which is how we got to where we are today.

How did they get away with it? Simple: all they had to do was count on the blind trust Americans had put in their government, and count on them not understanding what was really happening behind the scenes!

Attempts To Warn America

During this time (the 1930s) there were attempts to warn Americans about what was really happening!

One those attempts was the cult classic with Judy Garland, The Wizard of Oz! The message was clear for anyone who was paying attention: The “wizard” (Oz) was all show and bluster –a fake! Then there was the “yellow brick road” (gold); the “strawman” (a fiction without a brain); the “tin man” (T.I.N. Tax Identification Number), even Oz (short for ounces, as in ounces of gold)–all were clear symbols that were expected to clue-in Americans who happened to have their brains switched to the “on” position!

To this day, most people still don’t know that was the intention.

But, there were people who did understand. And the number of those people has been growing ever since. Now, you are about to become one of them! And, as important as that is, it won’t mean much if you’re not able to take advantage of that knowledge and apply it!

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