Where Banks Really Get The Money To Loan!

How, in heaven could the bank get the “money” from you to loan to you?! It’s easy when all you deal in is “paper”… paper “dollars” (with nothing to back them) paper notes, paper everything! Have you guessed yet how they got the money from you to “loan” to you? That’s right! Paper! To get your “loan” or your card, you signed something called a “promissory note.”

Here’s where it gets interesting! A promissory note is a “negotiable instrument!” Bonds traded on the open market are negotiable instruments! The check you sign and send out to pay a bill is a negotiable instrument, and so is the check you get from the bank, your so-called “loan.” The question is whose promissory note is it? If you are the one making the “promise,” if it is your future labor that is backing that promissory note up, then it must be your note! Right? What pretext does the bank use to get that money (negotiable instrument) from you? They need to hold it as “collateral” for the “loan,” right? And since it is your collateral, you expect to get it back, right? (You never intended it to be a gift to the bank, did you!?) So, when the bank enters that negotiable instrument on their books, it would have to go under “liabilities that must be repaid,” right?

Ah, but what if the bank decided to put that negotiable instrument under the assets column of the ledger–as if that note had been a gift to the bank!? Then, they would have a “new asset” that could be “loaned” and they also happen to have a “customer” (you) ready to make payments to them who wants that loan!

Guess what? That’s exactly what banks do! In fact, in conventional loans, they frequently sell your promissory note on the market to get the money to loan to you! In other words, they take your property and sell it in order to fund the loan! The laws on the books define that activity as a fraud!

Five years ago, I was given the chance to terminate my (alleged) credit card debt. I was skeptical that it could actually work, but it seemed safe enough because all I was really doing was challenging the banks on the validity of the “debt”! The legal process I used back then required me to open a court case (not necessary now!) and send the banks legal notices demanding that they come forward and prove that I actually owed them anything! The way I figured it, if the “debt” was legitimate, the banks wouldn’t mind coming into court with the “proof,” right?

Was I “brave” in opening this court case? Not really. In over 100 previous cases not one bank had ever come forward with bonafide proof! So, you might say the odds were heavily in my favor!

What Happened “Floored” Me!

When I filed my court papers, I had expected some resistance; some kind of fight. What I got floored me: One bank just gave up! I never got another call or letter from them! A friend of mine checked the credit report to see what had happened to the “debt.” The bank had simply written off the entire amount, about $5,000! The second bank I had legally noticed kept pestering me for a little while, but also soon gave up, and “wrote off” a similar amount!

Now, I don’t know about you, but the last time I checked, five grand was a lot of money! It is certainly enough to have the bank’s on-staff legal beagle take some time to file the necessary papers so they can get a judgment. Right? So, why would any bank just “tuck tail” and run? Unless….

Unless the banks knew…

  • That they never had anything “at-risk” (no “consideration”).
  • That they, therefore, didn’t actually “lose” any of the bank’s money.
  • That they were, in fact, guilty of fraud!

… How about, all of the above! —Guilty as sin, and “nothing to lose”! No wonder these banks just “wrote off” thousands in alleged “debts!”

Does that mean that they all just “lay down” and give up? No, of course not. Normally banks might hang on for months hoping you’ll be a “good customer” (read victim!) and pay up. However, when you become a member of our program, we show you a way to stop the nagging calls almost immediately! Also, once they’ve been “served” with the proper papers, (that you receive as part of the Zerodebts program), they only have two options: “write off” the alleged debt, or attempt to sue you in court!

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